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About our products currently using Steinberg Key

Future Update


Steinberg has informed us that they are discontinuing the USB-eLicenser which we used in most of our plugins for license control. Steinberg will maintain the server handling for those services until June 30th, 2022. For this reason you currently can not buy any of our products using the Steinberg Key. You can use your eLicenser licenses with our products as long as you like, and as long as the eLicenser Control Center Software is running on your operating system.
We’re currently preparing the transition of all of our products to a new serial based license management solution. This will take some time, but this will make the entire process of purchasing and activating products more streamlined as we've already done for TERA and CUBE. As soon as we've finished this these products will get into sales again and our users can update them. Below you'll find the latest updates for these plugins supporting Mac OS 11/12 and Windows 10.

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